Jetpack debuts in China

The KuangChi Martin Jetpack made its debut at the OCT Harbour in Shenzhen on Dec. 6, demonstrating the futuristic and cutting-edge technology and an innovative way of urban transport.

KuangChi Science, an emerging and ambitious high-tech company listed in Hong Kong, is the largest shareholder of the Martin Aircraft, the manufacturer of the Jetpack, which is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. KuangChi Science belongs to Shenzhen-based company Kuang-Chi.

The high-profile flight mission over a lake was undertaken by Michael Read, director of Flight Operations for the Martin Aircraft and a veteran pilot. The flight lasted for more than five minutes in front of more than 2,000 people. A remote-control demonstration was also shown.

The KuangChi Martin Jetpack, the world´s first practical and commercial jetpack, consists of a gasoline engine driving twin ducted fans, which produce sufficient thrust to lift the aircraft and a pilot, and to enable sustained flight. It can operate close to or between buildings, near trees and in confined spaces that other aircrafts are unable to access.

It is a significant operational advantage for the Jetpack to carry commercial payloads of up to 120kg with a maximum flight time of 45 minutes at a speed of up to 80kph.

Designed with safety in mind and for easy adoption, the Jetpack has a wide range of potential usage including search and rescue, military, recreational and commercial applications. The Jetpack can turn into a hovering mode once the pilot releases his hands during a flight. A parachute can be shot off within 0.68 second once the system detects a looming risk.

Founded in 2010, Kuang-Chi is a global company of cutting-edge innovations. With the dedication of designing future and delivering future, Kuang-Chi unites global innovators who share the same vision to bring sci-fi technologies to reality.