JETJAT ULTRA drone lands on Indiegogo

Mota Group, Inc. has begun offering the world´s smallest live-streaming drone, MOTA JETJAT ULTRA, on Indiegogo, the company said.

JETJAT ULTRA nano drones offer live streaming video to a smartphone and other features, including toss to fly, one-touch take-off and auto hover.

The company said it has engineered complexity from recreational drones so users do not need to master geo-coordinates, complex commands, and dozens of buttons and switches to fly a drone.

JETJAT ULTRA measures 42 x 42 x 25 mm. (1.65 x 1.65 x .98 in.) weighs 17 grams (.59 oz.) and is the size of a paperclip. The drone has a range of approximately 80 feet and a flight time of four to six minutes between charges.

Mota Group, Inc. drone division develops and manufactures recreational and commercial drones.