JetBlue releases video inspired by Puerto Rican exodus

JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq: JBLU) said it has launched its video “Grandparents and grandchildren of the diaspora” inspired by the social situation of the Puerto Rican exodus, which has been instigated by those in search of better opportunities.

The video presents the story of four sets of grandparents in Puerto Rico, narrating their experiences about the migration of their children and grandchildren to Florida. Concluding with the reunion of these families, JetBlue brings forth a humane and inspirational message promoting the importance of family bonds and maintaining a connection despite the distance between grandparents and grandchildren.

JetBlue said it has identified a significant separation among grandparents living in Puerto Rico and grandchildren migrating and/or born in the United States, using Florida as an example.

“There has been a lot of talk about the recent Puerto Rican diaspora. Yet very little has been said about the grandparents and grandchildren separated due to this situation. Our mission is to improve the quality of the life of our Customers, Crewmembers and communities, while inspiring others to do the same. Thus, strengthening ties of affection and connecting families is our highest reward,” said Giselle Cortes, director of International BlueCities for JetBlue.

As part of this video, Puerto Rican families living through this situation were interviewed. The stories of grandparents in Puerto Rico were recorded as well as the children and grandchildren, whose stories were documented in Florida.

As a closing to the story, grandparents were invited to an event where they engaged in an educational talk with clinical psychologist, Dr. Conchita Lopez, expert in the management of family relationships. During the activity Lopez shared communication techniques for families to maintain relationships and learn how to manage the distance, with the goal of planning future visits.

JetBlue surprised the grandparents by bringing their children and grandchildren to the activity as a special gift. The emotions that transpired during the encounter, as well as manifestations of great appreciation towards those responsible for the encounter, were filmed and included as part of the video. The creative concept of “Grandparents and grandchildren of the diaspora” was developed by the Puerto Rican advertising agency Lopito, Ileana & Howie, while the production house was Sentido Comun.