JET wireless broadband solutions allow electricity cooperatives to meet the demands for broadband

RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, has announced that the Valley Communications Association LLC – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Valley Electric Association utility company in Nevada – has deployed hundreds of RADWIN JET base stations in its network, RADWIN said.

JET provides high-speed broadband to over 5,000 business and residential customers, and Valley Communications Association plans to serve over 20,000 customers with JET.

RADWIN is a provider of Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point broadband wireless that are deployed in over 170 countries. http: //

Valley Communications Association, Inc. is bringing critical infrastructure – fiber-optic and wireless broadband – to the communities in its vast 6,800-square-mile service area along the Nevada-California border that were under served by commercial communications providers. Long term, VCA´s goal is to expand modern broadband to rural communities of Nevada.