Jet card expert releases jet card pricing book for private flyers

Jet card expert Doug Gollan has announced the release of the book Jet Card Pricing: 19 Factors That Impact the Cost of Your Private Jet Flights to guide readers through what to consider when determining which jet card program best suits their needs, the author said.

Among the issues covered in the new book include: Federal Excise Tax, International Surcharges, High-Density Airport Surcharges, Fuel Surcharges, Taxi Time, Consumer Price Index (CPI) Escalators, Segment Minimums, Daily Minimums, De-Icing, Catering, Wi-Fi, Initiation Fees, Monthly and Annual Dues, Peak Day Surcharges, Interchange Fees, Roundtrip Discounts, Long Flight Discounts, Hub Discounts, Advance Booking Discounts, Luxury and Lifestyle Partnerships Discounts and Freebies. The book also includes a Jet Card Glossary and explains the differences between broker, fractional fleet, managed fleet and owned fleet jet cards.

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