Jeppesen and ForeFlight initiate delivery of dynamic combined EFB functionality

Jeppesen, a Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] and a leader in aviation navigation and operational efficiency solutions, and ForeFlight, the innovative provider of mobile and web aviation applications, recently announced that essential Jeppesen flight data is now available within ForeFlight Mobile, the company said.

The two companies recently announced a strategic alliance to deliver superior data, software and worldwide content for pilots and operators.

ForeFlight Mobile now includes the ability to display Jeppesen´s worldwide charting library. Customers can purchase standard Jeppesen charts for use inside the app through a simple e-commerce experience on Customers are able to choose up to 13 regions and coverages depending upon where they fly.

ForeFlight Mobile recently added Jeppesen´s global navigation information (NavData), terrain and obstacle data. The new data services provide greater situational awareness, true worldwide reach, and simplifies the flying experience.

Boeing Global Services, headquartered in the Dallas area, was formed by integrating the services capabilities of the government, space and commercial sectors into a single, customer-focused business. Operating as a third business unit of Boeing, Global Services provides agile, cost-competitive services to commercial and government customers worldwide.