JCAHPC wins new storage system performance award using DDN memory engine

DataDirect Networks (DDN®) has announced that the Oakforest-PACS system at the Joint Center for Advanced HPC (JCAHPC) in Japan, which uses DDN´s Infinite Memory Engine (IME®), has been named the first annual IO500 winner, the company said.

The award was revealed at the SuperComputing 2017 trade show. The goal of the IO500 (www.vi4io.org/std/io500/start) is to create a suite of I/O benchmarks that allow comparison of storage systems and is similar in concept to the Top500 for computing systems. Storage systems are ranked according to the combination of a set of I/O benchmarks that are designed to represent a mix of applications and real-world workloads.

JCAHPC´s IME deployment now takes the #1 position, ahead of all other file system and burst buffer solutions. The secret behind IME´s performance is the ground-up development of a new leaner I/O path that delivers flash performance direct to the applications rather than presenting flash through a file system.

IME is DDN´s scale-out flash cache that is designed to accelerate applications beyond the capabilities of today´s file systems. IME manages I/O in an innovate way to avoid the bottlenecks and latencies of traditional I/O management and delivers the complete potential of flash all the way to connected applications. IME also features advanced data protection, flexible erasure coding and adaptive I/O routing, which together provide new levels of resilience and performance consistency.

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