JAS Wireless offers wireless security, management plan

JAS Wireless has introduced Perfect Together, a new program that provides IBM´s MaaS360 mobile device management and security, the company said.

The company said that with the new program customers receive IBM´s MaaS360 mobility management and security system with the cost offset by JAS´s ability to reduce monthly wireless charges by an average of 25 to 33 percent.

The IBM MaaS360 is an MDM solution that is Fed Ramp certified and allowed to be used by the Federal government.

The company said the easiest way to penetrate a company network is through wireless devices. Once hackers are inside one phone, the can gain access to the entire computer network. The increase in hacking and invasions of mobile devices has made companies put obtaining top quality security software a priority.

The IBM cloud-based software can be deployed in all company devices, providing security to prevent viruses, including detection and remediation of malware, as well as attacks by hackers and protection from lost or stolen devices with the ability to remotely wipe and lock devices.