Jama Software broadens support for developer community with REST API

Jama Software, a product development solution for companies like Boeing and NASA that build complex hardware, software and integrated systems, has made its REST API available to all customers, including enterprise customers who require data to remain behind firewalls, the company said.

Jama developed this standards-based, API to offer developers and partners a modern, easy-to-use integration method that allows for more flexibility and scalability, and increases application performance. Initially launched to its hosted customers in October 2015, this latest release brings the REST API to large enterprises with complex needs.

Since the release of the closed beta and hosted API, developers have built apps for activities ranging from customized traceability reports for regulatory compliance standards to recording manual and automated test results. The REST API is documented with features, end points and data types on the Jama Software developer site.

Jama Software requirements and test management solution helps enterprises accelerate development time, mitigate risk, slash complexity and verify regulatory compliance.