Jackery's Ultimate Portable Charger Launches on Indiegogo

Jackery has lauanched the PowerBar on Indiegogo, the company said.

PowerBar is the all in one charging companion, it can power up to four devices simultaneously.

With in-built AC, USB-C and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 outlets the power bank can charge a host of devices. The high power UL certified 18650 lithium battery can recharge a Apple MacBook, 1.5 times; Microsoft Surface pro 4, 1.6 times; iPhone and Android devices up to eight times; and a GoPro, eight to 10 times.

At just 1.5 lbs the PowerBar is the smallest and lightest battery pack in its class and is safe for airline use as the 20800mAh / 77Wh capacity falls within Federal Aviation Administration´s safety limit of 100Wh.

With its smart battery management system the PowerBar adapts to optimal voltage levels for each device when powering, and continuously manages inflow and outflow to ensure that both the device and PowerBar operate in the most efficient way.

Easily recharge in six hours by plugging into a wall outlet or from the car. If off the grid then connect the optional solar panel and recharge wherever there is daylight.