JA Air Center installs CAV ice protection

JA Air Center has delivered its first CAV ice protection system to Gary Strock on his new 2016 Cessna T206H, coordinated through Airview Inc. the company said.

TKS Ice Protection is the preferred IPS for most new general aviation and unmanned aircraft built today. TKS Ice Protection Systems are a de-ice and anti-ice solution for the area covered by TKS titanium panels. TKS also protects aft of the panels since the fluid flows over the entire chord of the protected surfaces.

CAV Ice Protection and its predecessors have designed and manufactured airborne ice protection systems for over 20 aircraft OEMs, over 30 aircraft models and even more aircraft model variants.

JA Air Center provides dealership-caliber service to aircraft, occupies more than 85,000-square-feet of hangar; 10,000-square-feet of office space; and employs more than 85 people.