ITT Exelis completes technology maturation phase of jammer program

ITT Exelis (NYSE: XLS) has successfully completed the 33-month technology maturation phase of the US Navy´s Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) program.

Installed on the US Navy´s EA-18G electronic attack aircraft, the Next Generation Jammer will allow US forces to defeat integrated air defense systems and disable an enemy´s electronic communications, command and control capabilities.

During the course of the technology maturation phase, Exelis successfully designed, developed and tested a number of subsystems critical to the Next Generation Jammer. The technologies that were effectively demonstrated in a laboratory environment include advanced receiver controlled jamming, digital radio frequency memory and mid-band aperture.

The Exelis team also proved the effectiveness of its power generation and control systems. It integrated an advanced ram air turbine and associated equipment onto a specially developed concept demonstrator pod for wind tunnel testing at NASA´s Langley Research Station, in Hampton, Va.

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