ITOCHU Techno-Solutions, Volterra to promote development of IoT services

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation has announced it has began reselling and integrating Volterra´s solution for distributed cloud services to enable its customers´ distributed applications, the company said.

The Volterra distributed cloud platform provides a full set of capabilities required for edge and multi-cloud computing, such as deploying virtual environments (containers), seamless and secure multi-cloud and edge communication, and application security within and between devices. The solution is particularly well-suited for ITOCHU Techno-Solutions customers in the manufacturing, distribution, and information and communication fields that use distributed applications and IoT technology. The company is targeting to deploy Volterra´s platform across 50 customers over the next three years.

With the full-scale introduction of the next-generation wireless communication standard 5G, it is expected that the spread of IoT services will grow dramatically and connect everything from automobiles to home appliances to industrial machines. As IoT requires large amounts of data with minimal latency, there is a strong need for distributed platforms that can provide cloud-native computing, networking and security at the original data source.

Volterra provides a distributed cloud platform to deploy, connect, secure and operate applications and data across multi-cloud and edge sites. Line-of-business leaders can drive business transformation and automation by distributing workloads closer to business activity. DevOps teams can manage fleets of applications and infrastructure with less complexity. Network teams can simplify application connectivity and security across clouds. Visit ​ ​or follow us on Twitter @Volterra_ to learn more.