ITC Global inks reseller agreement with Applied Satellite Technology

ITC Global, a provider of satellite communications to remote and harsh environments, has signed a multi-year agreement with Applied Satellite Technology Ltd. (AST) as a Value-Added Reseller to enable provisioning of connectivity solutions via Panasonic´s high-throughput satellite (HTS) network, the company said.

The agreement will establish delivery of unprecedented levels of capacity and performance to a broader set of customers across the global maritime and land mobility markets.

AST has secured access to Panasonic´s global network coverage, which includes both existing and contracted HTS capacity. Panasonic maintains the world´s largest HTS Ku-band network in the world, which leverages wide and spot beams ensuring the greatest throughput and coverage to deliver high-speed, high-capacity internet and global live television to customers across the commercial aviation, business aviation, oil and gas, mining, merchant maritime and passenger vessel markets.

HTS beams deliver throughput significantly greater than traditional satellites, amplifying the complexity and incremental costs of all the constituent network elements. This includes the need for more teleports and more uplinks — which carry with them higher associated costs, as well as a far larger terrestrial backbone. With this agreement in place, AST can now deliver comprehensive HTS network services without having to put significant ground infrastructure in place to support the complex requirements created by multi-spot-beam satellites.

ITC Global is a provider of satellite communications to the energy, mining, and maritime markets. companies in remote and harsh environments require communications with both global coverage and unwavering customer service. ITC Global enables improved real-time decision-making and enhanced health, safety and environmental management through a unified communications solution, tailored to the requirements of each client.

AST is a provider of satellite communications from all major networks, providing bespoke solutions and packages to suit any customer need. With over 25 years of experience in the field of satellite communications, AST is dedicated to providing an unbiased and reliable satellite communication service to customers. AST can fulfill any customer requirement from a singular satellite phone to a more complex tracking and fleet management solution.