iTaxi Announces Direct Carrier Billing With Centili and Play

iTaxi, the Polish taxi hailing marketplace, has launched a new ticketing model supported by direct carrier billing, which enables its customers to charge taxi rides to their postpaid plans with Play, the biggest telco operator in the country, the company said.

Technical integration is the work of the internationally awarded payments and billing company Centili. It is one of the first implementations of direct carrier billing in ticketing in the EU taxi industry, enabling the cost of an individual ride to be calculated upfront and seamlessly charged to the rider´s mobile plan.

The updated iTaxi mobile app allows users to set Play as the default payment method, or to easily use it alongside other methods. The user experience is the same as with credit card payments, involving only a few taps on the phone screen.

Started in 2011 by a team of developers, carrier biller Centili partners with 280+ MNOs and global and national merchants to enable micropayments, user identification and mobile engagement.

With more than 15 million subscribers using their services daily, Play is the biggest telco company in Poland. It is the provider of choice for youths, families and small businesses.

iTaxi operates 10,000 cars in 100 cities and is a taxi hailing marketplace in Poland. It was listed as one of the most prominent Polish startups in 2020.