Istanbul Airport implements Gets automated refueling solutions to optimizes aircraft turnaround times

Getac Technology Corporation has announced İGA Airport Fuel Services (İGA Havalimanı Akaryakıt Hizmetleri A.Ş.)rugged solutions are being used by to power the automated aircraft refueling system at Istanbul Airport, the company said.

Getac´s F110 rugged tablet provides a comprehensive solution that allows the airport´s fleet of ´hydrant dispenser´ vehicles to remotely connect with a central control system from anywhere on the apron and initiate the automatic refueling process. As a result, every aircraft can be prepared for its next departure in around 45 minutes, helping the airport maintain a tight schedule.

A fleet of 60 hydrant dispensers, each equipped with a Getac F110 rugged tablet, is used to meet newly arrived planes and connect them to the airport´s fuel pumps situated underneath the apron. Hydrant dispenser operators use the tablet´s powerful inbuilt 4G connectivity to remotely communicate with the system´s central control and initiate refueling, automatically delivering the precise amount of fuel required. Operators can also liaise with central office dispatchers from anywhere on the apron via the tablet, ensuring they are in position to meet the next incoming aircraft as soon as it arrives.

Getac Technology Corporation, a key subsidiary of MiTAC-Synnex Business Group, was established in 1989 as a joint venture with GE Aerospace to supply defence electronic products. Getac´s business coverage includes: rugged notebooks, rugged tablet PCs, and mobile video solution for military, public safety, utility, manufacturing, transportation, automotive and logistics customers.