Israeli Air Force Improves Runway Safety by Installing Airvrix FOD Barrier™

With the aim of improving runway safety, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has recently signed a contract with Airvrix, a company with an innovative new FOD (Foreign Object Debris) barrier, the company said.

FOD is a common problem in the aviation industry. In addition to being a major safety hazard, it also costs civil aviation, worldwide, USD 4B a year. Whereas existing solutions focus on detection technologies, Airvrix focuses on prevention by installing their product on the runway shoulder, preventing FOD from reaching the runway.

With globally registered patents, the FOD barrierâ„¢ was developed in-house by Airvix´s team of aeronautical and mechanical engineers, in accordance with FAA requirements.

IAF officials believe that the cost-effective barrier will be a game changer in fighting FOD. Airvrix is currently widening its activity to serve new customers around the globe.

Airvrix´s main mission is to improve runway safety using their innovative FOD barrierâ„¢, an advanced solution for preventing FOD on runways. For more information visit