Isotropic Systems to redesign satellite antenna technology

Isotropic Systems Limited has secured an additional USD1m in funding to provide new satellite antenna technology for high throughput connectivity in mobility markets, the company said.

ISL will design and develop antennas that address the most common operational challenges – efficiency, cost, form factor and durability.

ISL´s antenna will be a broadband low-profile antenna with fully electronic beam steering, easily scalable to effective apertures and can be designed to match almost any desired form factor.

Designed for satellite broadcast, VSAT, microwave, multipoint wireless and 5G broadband communications, the antennas are low cost and have no moving parts to adhere to the stability requirements of mobility.

ISL will initially focus on broadcast and VSAT applications in the satellite industry, partnering with the world´s leading scientists and engineers in the field of antenna design, further refining ISL´s scientific discoveries that hold the promise of a new paradigm in antenna performance.

Isotropic develops metamaterial- and nanomaterial-based technology and communications products. The company is privately held and headquartered in London, England.