Ironclad, PollenTech Oy to Create secure mobile communication platform

Ironclad Encryption Corporation (OTCQB: IRNC) has engaged PollenTech, a Finnish company, to assist in developing an ultra-secure, ultra-rugged mobile phone platform based on Ironclad´s unique and robust encryption algorithm, the company said.

Members of the PollenTech development team each have more than 10 years of experience in embedded software design and development disciplines including connectivity, security, and sensors to produce elegant and intuitive phone platforms. Having architected and placed into very high volume production a broad range of cellular handsets, PollenTech has developed a robust set of processes and rigorous methodologies for developing source code, binary code and associated documentation. This agreement and the resulting work product will accelerate the development and production of Ironclad´s ultra-secure, ultra-rugged mobile phone.

Ironclad Encryption Corporation is a next-generation data security company that has developed and patented an innovative approach that dramatically enhances the strength of today´s key-based encryption technologies, making them virtually impossible to compromise.

PollenTech provides embedded software design and development services for a variety of applications ranging from cell phones to IoT sensors and gateways. Leveraging deep experience working with, and as part of, world class mobile device and mobile system companies, PollenTech creates robust and high quality solutions that meet stringent customer requirements and timetables. PollenTech can work on any and all layers of the embedded SW stack from kernel to applications, on any operating system including Android, on any IC vendor platform including all IoT silicon providers and in any market including IoT, mobile, consumer electronics, industrial and automotive.