IronClad Encryption deploys BlackICE network security

IronClad Encryption Corporation (OTCQB: IRNC) has announced that it is deploying BlackICE within a customer´s comprehensive network security plan, the company said.

As part of that deployment, IronClad and technology partner Black Pearl Engineering will install their jointly designed BlackICE Barrier as an ultra-secure gateway.

BlackICE Barrier is the first product in a family of BlackICE products that prevents hackers from breaching corporate networks and commandeering remote assets. BlackICE Barrier is specifically targeted at enterprises and industrial use cases where data and control systems require the highest level of security. BlackICE Barrier can be placed as the first line of network defense in conjunction with a firewall, and can also be placed deep within a network where critical systems and devices must be protected individually.

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Black Pearl Engineering Management Inc. is a Texas-based technology and product development company. The Black Pearl Engineering team has decades of experience in both security and encryption technologies, software development, system design, and commercial product development. Black Pearl Engineering is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, and offers advanced engineering services and cutting-edge product development to customers in the US and internationally.