IronClad enables ultra-secure communications with no change to quality

IronClad Encryption Corporation (OTCQB: IRNC) has announced that its ultra-secure ICE Phone passed a series of performance tests run by embedded software development firm PollenTech Oy, the company said.

The tests demonstrate that IronClad´s encryption algorithms are stable, reliable and add little performance overhead during encrypted VoIP calls.

The tests focused on aspects of cell phone performance that tend to degrade during added loads like encryption including CPU and memory usage, and system-level latency. These factors, especially in combination, tend to cause unacceptable latencies, poor voice quality, and in some cases, even dropped calls. Such negative outcomes can be at best frustrating for end users, and at worst dangerous for military, intelligence, and government personnel.

The testing was conducted by encrypting a call on a phone in PollenTech´s Finland offices and transmitting the call to a DigitalOcean server in New York via intercontinental ocean fiber. The DigitalOcean server then rerouted the call back to a second phone in PollenTech´s offices that decrypted the call. This exceptionally long distance was intentionally chosen to test the audio and call quality, with and without encryption, in a high latency environment. The duration of each call was approximately two hours.

IronClad Encryption and PollenTech are currently developing an ultra-secure, ultra-rugged mobile phone platform based on IronClad Encryption´s perpetual encryption key management technology. PollenTech personnel have architected a broad range of cellular handsets that have been produced in very high volumes. IronClad Encryption´s ICE Phone will be built by Sonim Technologies, who produces the world´s most rugged mobile phones used by civil emergency services as well as military personnel.

PollenTech provides embedded software design and development services for a variety of applications ranging from cell phones to IoT sensors and gateways. Leveraging deep experience working with, and as part of, world class mobile device and mobile system companies, PollenTech creates robust and high-quality solutions that meet stringent customer requirements and timetables. PollenTech can work on any and all layers of the embedded SW stack from kernel to applications, on any operating system including Android, on any IC vendor platform including all IoT silicon providers and in any market including IoT, mobile, consumer electronics, industrial and automotive.

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