iris360 captures businesses in 360 degrees

NCTech said that its iris360 camera will start shipping this month – in conjunction with the launch of Google Maps´ new Street View app.

iris360 is fully integrated with Street View to allow users to capture and upload high-resolution panoramic photos directly via the app.

Many businesses view 360-degree images as an important aspect of their online marketing. iris360 is the only fully automated, panoramic camera system available today to deliver the 32 megapixel photo sphere resolution required under Street View | Trusted. As a certification program, Trusted focuses on recognizing professionals who consistently deliver their clients with the highest quality “photo spheres” of business interiors.

NCTech designs and manufactures leading 360 degree reality imaging systems that automate and streamline the workflow of image documentation and can be used repeatedly, accurately, consistently by anyone anywhere. In 2015, the company launched iris360, a non-calibrated camera system, intended for aesthetic panoramic image capture. The company is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland and is funded by Archangel Investors Ltd and the Scottish Co-Investment Fund.