Iridium Certus launches global broadband service from NEXT satellite replacement program

Iridium Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: IRDM) has announced it has launched its Iridium Certus broadband service, activated from the company´s USD 3 billion Iridium NEXT satellite replacement program, the company said.

Iridium Certus is a unique platform designed for the development of specialty applications and is the world´s only truly global broadband service, offering on-the-move internet and high-quality voice access. The service enables mobile office functionality for deployed teams and two-way remote communication for assets, autonomous vehicles, trains, aircraft and ships at sea.

Iridium Certus enables a unique and high-value suite of mobility applications and true comms-on-the-move capabilities with the known robustness and reliability that come with being a cutting-edge L-band user network.

Iridium Certus addresses the needs of satellite communications users with a robust suite of solutions for aviation, maritime, land mobile, government and IoT applications. For government users, Iridium Certus provides a secure solution that supports the mission-critical requirements of the warfighter, including truly mobile hardware that is resilient and rugged enough to withstand high-risk combat zones and inclement weather events.

Iridium Communications Inc. is the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the entire globe.