iQmetrix partners with SellPro

iQmetrix said it has partnered with mVentix, Inc. whose mobile training platform, SellPro, will soon be integrated and available for all iQmetrix clients at no extra cost.

The SellPro-iQmetrix integration is scheduled for release in early 2016.

Upon joining the SellPro program, retailers can access courses and sales tools from numerous brands within the service. Each brand will be able to deploy content relevant to the stores they sell in.

SellPro drives learning through micro courses that allow retail sales associates the ability to learn about a particular brand´s products and services in less than five minutes. Courses can be completed on the sales floor during the associate´s downtime.

For sales associates, SellPro´s gamification of trainings is the most popular feature. Upon completion and course certification, users earn points that they can use to play for awards provided by the brands they were trained on. These awards vary from brand swag to marquee awards, such as 4K UHD televisions, tablets and surround sound systems.

For brands, SellPro provides direct access to the retailer and the people who sell their products on a daily basis. Since all training courses and sales tools are accessed through the SellPro app on a mobile device, the platform empowers sales personnel to leverage the content at the most critical time — when they are assisting a customer.

iQmetrix products bridge the gap between physical and virtual retail channels, offering retail management and customer experience technology. It is a privately-held software as a service (SaaS) company with offices in Canada, the US and Australia.

mVentix is a point-of-sale engagement firm, serving global brands in the US and Canada with a wide portfolio of mobile, market intelligence and field force solutions. It was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.