IpVenture integrates text messaging with eyewear

IpVenture has invented and patented technology enabling augmented and virtual reality eyewear users to text while still immersed in their advanced-viewing experiences, the company said.

Although texting is a prevalent form of communication, current AR/VR eyewear does not fully integrate texting into its designs. As AR/VR eyewear becomes more mainstream, with future users redefining space, location, time–and reality–natural communication and interaction remain key to widespread public adoption. IpVenture´s technology enables AR/VR eyewear users to continue to text with ease.

Messaging with IpVenture´s technology is an accommodation for AR/VR eyewear users who text frequently and don´t want to disengage from their work. Whether for collaborating inside the AR/VR environment or for fielding unrelated messages, IpVenture´s technology keeps users connected to people while simultaneously immersed in their entertainment, work, and learning experiences. As the development of AR/VR eyewear tests the limits of our imagination, IpVenture enables us to function uncompromised at our full capacity.