IpVenture allows you to send and receive text messages hands-free using smart eyewear

IpVenture, with its affiliate IngenioSpec, offers hands-free text messaging for smart eyewear, the company said.

With its comprehensive patented technologies, users can send and receive texts without displays or a keyboard.

When a text message is received, IpVenture´s technology transforms it into audio, and allows the user to hear the message read through a speaker in the smart eyewear. The user can then recite a reply verbally, which is received by a microphone in the smart eyewear; and IpVenture´s technology will transform the reply into text and send it.

Some of the operations can be performed by a mobile phone wirelessly coupled to the eyewear. For example, the transformation between text and audio can be done by the mobile phone.

With these patented technologies and more, IpVenture and its affiliate, IngenioSpec, continue to lead in development of market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies.