iPoint allies with JEMAI

iPoint-systems and JEMAI have entered a strategic alliance to develop and offer a compliance platform for companies in Japan and Asia.

The alliance draws upon the respective strengths of each partner – the breadth of iPoint´s expertise in developing leading cross-industry compliance and sustainability software solutions, fused with the depth of JEMAI´s long-standing experience in providing solutions related to environmental issues – to deliver a powerful and highly automated compliance platform that enables efficient management of product and materials compliance-related data and can be integrated with other data bases, sources, and portals such as JAMP (Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium). The easy-to-use platform is designed for SMEs and will gradually include a wide range of topics related to CSR reporting, data collection/dissemination, and chemicals in products (CiP). Users of the platform will not need any specific compliance knowledge.

iPoint provides software and consulting for environmental and social product compliance, and sustainability. Thousands of companies around the globe rely on iPoint for managing, tracking, analyzing, and reporting data across the whole value creation network. iPoint´s software and consulting services support you in meeting and staying one step ahead of regulations and requirements such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE, ELV, Conflict Minerals, and other trending developments in the compliance and sustainability arena.

The Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) is a public corporation organized by fee-based membership of 700 companies. JEMAI was founded in 1962 to establish a scheme for pollution control by industries. Since 1993, JEMAI has been expanding its activities for industry to global environmental issues such as green manufacturing, environmental performance, waste management, climate change, chemical substances management with database, tools and initiatives such as LCA, ISO TC207, Eco-label, and Carbon Foot print.