IOWN GF Launches Working Groups and Steering Committees to Define Next Generation Communications Infrastructure

The Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum (IOWN GF) has unveiled its Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum Vision 2030 and Technical Directions White Paper and the IOWN GF steering committees and working groups, the company said.

The steering committees and working groups will begin work in late April. IOWN GF also announced that Chunghwa Telecom, Ciena, Fujitsu, Microsoft and NEC joined as sponsor members. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings joined as a general member.

Founded by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), Intel Corporation (Intel) and Sony Corporation (Sony), IOWN GF was established to define the next generation communications infrastructure and help create a smarter world for billions of people.

The global forum´s objective is to accelerate the adoption of a new communications infrastructure that will bring together an all photonics network infrastructure including silicon photonics, edge computing, dynamic computing scaling and wireless distributed computing to meet global future data and computing requirements.

With artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities, 5G, dynamic computing scaling, blockchain and other advanced technologies on the verge of becoming part of the daily lives for billions of people, IOWN GF´s Vision 2030 is to define and build a global communications infrastructure over the next decade capable of sustainably maximizing the benefits these new technologies offer society and businesses.

IOWN GF´s goals include securing 100 members, publishing 75 technical specifications and releasing 50 proof-of-concepts by 2030. This work will be driven by IOWN GF´s steering committees and working groups. The steering committees will be responsible for facilitating collaborations and interactions between working groups, working groups´ scope arrangement and increasing awareness of IOWN GF.

The working groups will be responsible for producing specifications, use cases and reference architecture, deciding technical scope and content. Steering committees and working groups include: Vision Steering Committee; Technology Steering Committee; Marketing Steering Committee; Use Case Working Group and Technology Working Group.

IOWN GF´s objective is to accelerate innovation and adoption of a new communication infrastructure to meet our future data and computing requirements through the development of new technologies, frameworks, specifications and reference design in areas such as Photonics R&D, Distributed Connected Computing and Use Cases and Best Practices.

Technology, telecommunications and other industry organizations are invited to join the forum. Based in the United States, IOWN GF membership opportunities are available. More details on IOWN GF and membership information can be found at: