IoT Chair of Yncréa Méditérannée Will Support Aeron activities

Yncréa Méditérannée has integrated Aeron in its IoT Chair R&D activities, the company said.

Aeron´s objective is to offer a decentralized general aviation record system focused on flight safety.

Yncréa Méditérannée and Aeron will jointly run R&D activity to create a proof of concept of the Aeron Register. The Aeron register is a blockchain-powered global online system to track pilot and aircraft log records. It will facilitate data exchange on every step of communication between pilots, flight schools, aircraft operators, maintenance and service companies.

The joint R&D activity will encompass definition of high-level architecture, breaking technological bottlenecks and increasing sophistication of the proof-of-concept.

Yncréa Méditerranée and Aeron will investigate authentication, authorisation and accounting features of the decentralized Aeron Register. To ensure a trusted record system without a centralized authority the partners will work on Automated Audit and Reputation features based on blockchain. The collaboration will also cover definition of use cases, testing in real-life test beds and with general aviation stakeholders as well as exploration of business models.

Yncréa is the first French federation of private higher education engineering schools ISEN, HEI and ISA with campuses in Brest, Rennes, Lille, Nantes, Nîmes and Toulon. The federation trains 5500 students annually in various domains: electronics and computer science, chemistry, mechanics, construction and agriculture.

The IoT Chair of Yncr̩a-M̩diterran̩e located in Toulon, south of France, brings together academic researchers and industrial enterprises in IoT domain. Historical partners РGemalto, IBM and ST Microelectronics are its co-founding members. The objective is to conduct joint industry-academy research and experimentations addressing the main IoT challenges.

Aeron is the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. We believe that aviation safety is closely related to record integrity. Once the log records are stored in blockchain and can´t be forged, both authorities and passengers can be confident that a pilot actually has the experience claimed.

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