IONU Security launches data-centric security

IONU Security, Inc. said it has announced its data-centric security platformâ„¢.

IONU´s patented security protects data at all times while allowing it to flow freely and securely anywhere, without the need for plug-ins, proxies, gateways or any changes in user behavior.

IONU´s data isolation creates a logically separate and secure “zone” where data is insulated from the outside world. A suite of secure applications allow users to communicate, share and store protected data, and the platform secures any third-party cloud applications such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. In addition, the IONU Data-centric Platform protects sensitive data residing on or traveling to and from mobile devices within and outside of the firewall.

With IONU´s new Key Management technology, no single entity carries sufficient information to access encrypted data. A combination of proprietary technologies ensures only registered and authenticated users can securely access and edit files across the entire business ecosystem. For example, superior authentication technologies such as hashing and salting, combined with user- and device-specific controls, safeguard against authentication attacks such as “brute force” and “man in the middle.”