IOMAXIS gets 2 US patents for innovations in smart device security

IOMAXIS LLC, a provider of innovative solutions focused on communications, computing and cyber technologies, has announced that it has been awarded two new patents, the company said.

These patents advance the field of smart device security within the Internet of Things ecosystem. Contributing to the existing IOMAXIS patent portfolio, this work expands the IOMAXIS cybersecurity domain. These two patents also contribute to the IOMAXIS strategy of providing commercial and federal clients unique solutions for protection from emerging technology threats.

The US Patent and Trademark Office awarded these two patents in December 2017 and January 2018. The patents define a novel approach to accurately implement and manage IoT device communications, security and safety.

IOMAXIS is a nationally recognized technology innovator creating disruptive technologies through enhancing, optimizing, and securing technology systems and solutions. IOMAXIS develops and delivers emerging technologies to commercial and federal government clients. For more information regarding these patents, contact David Branca at For more information about IOMAXIS, visit