InventHelp inventor creates ejection protection black box

InventHelp has announced an inventor has created an improved flight recorder to enhance aircraft safety, the company said.

The inventor said he noticed that the Black Box in aircrafts seems to always end up either lost or too damaged to get proper information from in the event of a crash, so he invented the ejection protection black box.

Instead of a flight recorder being damaged or lost at the bottom of the ocean, this invention would automatically eject in an emergency and travel to land for quick and easy recovery and without being destroyed. This could save considerable time and effort for search crews so vital information is extracted in a timely manner. The operation of the device would be automatic, and it is safe and reliable. This technology could be installed into existing aircrafts, or integrated into the design of new-production airplanes.

The original design was submitted to the National sales office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.