Introducing Zipwhip 2.0: The Future of Business Texting

Zipwhip, the software platform for two-way business texting, has announced Zipwhip 2.0, the company said.

This web application is the go-to business texting software for companies looking to seamlessly and efficiently communicate with customers using their existing landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number. It launches a new wave of business texting, redefining the way businesses communicate with customers and optimizing services for enterprise-grade businesses with large-scale communication needs.

Zipwhip 2.0´s re-engineered infrastructure brings revolutionary new features to the market. As the company continues to innovate and update its software, the market will dramatically rethink what it means to provide business SMS solutions.

A Seattle-based SaaS company, Zipwhip is modernizing the texting medium by adding text messaging to existing landline, VoIP and toll-free phone numbers. Zipwhip pairs direct network connectivity with easy out-of-the-box software, so businesses of any size can give customers the choice to “text or call” and handle two-way text conversations at scale. Learn more about Zipwhip at