Introducing AirSend Offers Free Use for One Year

CodeLathe, an enterprise file services platform provider, has announced AirSend, a new product that allows people-centric collaboration with customers, clients and teams, the company said.

AirSend is free for one year to all SMBs and professional service firms to help with their remote collaboration and communication needs. AirSend´s solution puts all the information for a client or project–messaging, files, tasks–on a single screen, reducing the need to switch from one app to another.

As a geographically distributed, remote-first company, CodeLathe has team members in 14 countries and five continents in addition to its Austin headquarters. AirSend incorporates the ideas and concepts learned from an international remote-working team.

Other collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams require users to integrate the software with other products like Google Drive for file management or Trello for task management. AirSend is contextual: each channel provides a dashboard view of all the necessary information within the context of a single client or project.

AirSend is a communication platform that brings all your conversations, files, tasks and notes into one contextual workspace to get work done faster and better. AirSend is developed by CodeLathe Inc., a remote-first company. AirSend is targeted at professional firms, teams and SMBs to offer powerful collaboration, communication and work-sharing between team members and clients. For more information, visit