Intis Telecom launches new SMS platform

The multinational telecommunication company Intis Telecom said it has officially launched a new version of the SMS platform to provide the customers with the high-quality services.

Throughout 2015, Intis Telecom was analyzing its collaboration with more than 45 partners. Based on the findings, the company has developed an effective methodology of choosing a supplier with the lowest price and the highest quality of the SMS traffic delivery.

When working on a new version of the SMS platform, the developers have made more than 30 enhancements to improve the efficiency of its work.

The updated SMS platform is the end-to-end mobile marketing solution handling the management, routing, and delivery of SMS messages. Launching a new version of the platform is a proof that Intis Telecom strives to provide its customers with the best client experience. The company´s developers keep testing the platform on an ongoing basis and add new features.

The new service is expected to become a cost-effective and productive solution for any type of business dealing with the bulk SMS. The companies will be able to attract more customers while spending less money. The fast and accurate SMS messages delivery are guaranteed. And then, as practice shows, bulk SMS is still the most attractive information tool for the modern business.

Intis Telecom is an EU-based telecommunication company with two offices; in the UK and in Lithuania. In order to provide a quality service for business mobile messaging, Intis Telecom has created powerful and stable SMS software with a direct connection to GSM and CDMA mobile operators. The company was launched in 2010.