Intilop delivers network security TOE module for Altera, Xilinx FPGAs

Intilop, Inc. has delivered a full TCP and UDP accelerator with network security capability that performs functions of firewall and other monitoring functions at full line rate, the company said.

In addition to full TCP/UDP offloading, this security module performs port filtering, blocking, monitoring and related functions in FPGA hardware thereby relieving CPU from these tasks. They are performed in nanosecond speeds and with ultra precision. The fact that CPU which gets bogged down under high traffic rates and sometimes missing some events, can be used for other application functions.

Ultra-fast and precise processing time of around 100 nanoseconds for this module including TCP and UDP with thousands of sessions initially at 10G, sets the bar much higher for speed and performance powered by a 7.0+ year mature and proven TCP protocol compliant architecture. the security module for their latest 40G TOE is planned for Q3 2016.

Since 2009, Intilop has provided ultra-low latency and hyper performance complex networking protocol accelerators. It develops networking silicon IP and system solutions for networking, network security, storage and embedded systems.