Intilop delivers hardware accelerator system

Intilop, Inc. said it has delivered a highly optimized version of Dual 10G bit, up to 1K Concurrent-TCP, UDP & IGMP Hardware Accelerator Pre-Ported and tested on Altera Stratix V FPGA platforms.

This subsystem with 10G TCP, UDP & IGMP Accelerators (Full Offload Engines) implements 2 through one thousand Simultaneous TCP Connections without requiring any external DDR and unlimited continuous connections.

Addition of IGMP-V3/V2 acceleration to their 6-Year-Network-Hardened TCP & UDP cores, allows clients to join up to 256 Multicast groups while running UDP and TCP offload on both Ports simultaneously. It delivers Bandwidth of more than 1.1 Gigabyte/sec per port regardless of number of simultaneous or active TCP Sessions. In addition, it delivers the same Hyper Performance with same Ultra-low latency and Zero Jitter irrespective of number of active connections from 1 – 1024.

This deployment-ready, pre-verified FPGA system solution provides networking OEMs Ultra-low-latency and Hyper-performance for all networking equipment segments that have to process TCP, UDP and IGMP Protocols.

Intilop is a developer, provider, a recognized leader and pioneer in advanced networking silicon IP and system solutions, custom hardware solutions, SoC/ASIC/FPGA integrator and total system solutions provider for Networking, Network Security, storage and Embedded Systems.