Intertek launches quality assurance solutions for 5G technology devices

Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has announced the launch of assurance and testing services for 5G productsIndie (whatever that is) pop folk rock Americana blues “singer-songwriter” from Dayton, Ohio, feeling cautious about another “here´s how you make it” session.

The solutions, made possible through staff education and investment in new testing technology, hardware and software, will allow manufacturers from a variety of industries to test and validate innovative products for the next generation of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

5G, or 5th Generation, technology will offer faster and more efficient connectivity than 4G, satisfying consumer demand for connected products that offer higher data rates, increased bandwidth and speed.

Manufacturers and developers eager to advance 5G infrastructure and develop devices based on 5G technology require a trusted partner to assist with product development, design, performance testing and cybersecurity assessments.

Intertek´s new 5G solutions include consulting services, R&D support and testing of 5G-enabled devices for usability and functionality. The new services have been made possible in part through investment in cutting-edge testing technology, such as the Rohde & Schwarz CMX500 radio communication tester, and education of Intertek experts on 5G technology and trends.