Internet2, National Science Foundation partnership explores commercial cloud computing

Internet2 has announced a new partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to coordinate the use of commercial cloud platforms for scientific computing research needs, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud signed on as the initial providers supporting the project, the company said.

The Exploring Clouds for Acceleration of Science (E-CAS) project will investigate the viability of commercial clouds as an option for-edge research computing and computational science supporting a range of academic disciplines.

Internet2 will serve as the coordinator, facilitator and administrator of the two-phased project, with a submission deadline for first phase proposals due by 5 p.m. submitter´s local time on February 1, 2019 via the E-CAS project website.

The E-CAS project has two phases of funded campus-based projects addressing the acceleration of science. The first phase will support six different scientific and engineering applications and workflows with cloud allocations and resources for development and porting. After identifying two final projects selected from the original six, the second phase will commence for another year with a focus on delivering scientific results. Each phase will be followed by a community-led workshop to assess lessons learned and to define practices.

The E-CAS project is guided by an external advisory board including academic experts in computational science and other fields, commercial cloud representatives, NSF program officers, and others. It leverages prior and concurrent NSF investments while creating a new model of scalable cloud service partnerships to enhance science in a broad spectrum of disciplines.

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