Intelsat Introduces FlexMove Managed Service for Land Mobile Connectivity

Intelsat (NYSE: I) has launched FlexMove, a new end-terminal managed service that makes it easy and affordable for people to connect to the Internet, private data networks and cloud services from virtually anywhere in the world, including while on-the-move, or on-the-pause at a temporary site, the company said.

Businesses, first responders and humanitarian-aid organizations can now use this secure, reliable, “always-on” service to stay connected anywhere their jobs take them.

There are many remote locations around the globe that fiber and terrestrial wireless networks can´t reach, and where ground infrastructure is at risk of disruption by natural or man-made events. That´s where integrated connectivity solutions, like those from Intelsat, prove invaluable. FlexMove is powered by Intelsat´s award-winning global Epic high-throughput satellite (HTS) fleet, the world´s largest fixed satellite network and the IntelsatOne ground network to provide users with a seamless global connectivity experience.

As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates the world´s largest and most advanced satellite fleet and connectivity infrastructure. Visit the company at