Intelsat Gets New Satellites for C-band Spectrum Transition

Intelsat, operator of the world´s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network, has announced that it has contracted for new satellites with US manufacturers, a necessary step to meet the accelerated C-band spectrum clearing timelines established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) earlier this year, the company said.

Intelsat has entered into two new agreements; one with Maxar Technologies to build and deliver four satellites, and another with Northrop Grumman to build and deliver two satellites. Intelsat is currently in negotiations with manufacturers for a seventh satellite required to support its C-band transition.

Later this week, Intelsat plans to file its full C-band spectrum transition plan with the FCC in accordance with the FCC´s revised timeline. The plan will provide additional manufacturing and launch details for new satellites and outline the steps that Intelsat will take to reconfigure its terrestrial-based infrastructure and to ensure a successful transition.

Intelsat was launched with President John F. Kennedy´s signing of the US Satellite Communications Act into law in 1962. With administrative headquarters in McLean, Virginia, 24/7 satellite operations centers in California and Virginia, a 24/7 network operations center in Georgia, and staffed teleport locations in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii and Maryland, Intelsat employs over 1,000 Americans across 11 states.

Over 100 million US households rely on Intelsat for their TV service, and Intelsat is the largest provider of satellite communications services to the US military. Last month, Intelsat launched a new managed service for US mobile operators that will help expand 4G and 5G broadband coverage to rural America.

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