Intelsat, Andesat bring Mobile Broadband to Rural Perú

Intelsat (NYSE: I) and Andesat are partnering to bring end-to-end mobile broadband (3G) service to remote communities across Perú, the company said.

The two companies have developed a new model that will quickly and efficiently bring life-changing 3G access to 154 rural Peruvian communities in 2020, and as many as 400 remote sites in Perú over the next 18 months.

The collaborative model holds the potential to be replicated throughout Latin America and help MNOs connect end-users in remote and rural areas. The Peruvian government alone has identified over 16,000 rural sites of National Interest in need of connectivity.

Andesat is using its Rural Mobile Infrastructure Operator license (OIMR) to connect remote sites in Perú, sourcing tower sites, designing and building towers and taking point on equipment for the connectivity initiative. Intelsat is leveraging its scale, infrastructure and expertise to assist Andesat in building out the integrated land-space, mobile broadband (3G) infrastructure, bandwidth capacity and service operations to meet evolving end-user demand.

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