Intel, Warner Bros. preview future in autonomous vehicles

Intel and Warner Bros. have demonstrated potential for immersive entertainment in an autonomous driving world with a first-of-its-kind concept car at CES 2019, the company said.

The car transports guests to Gotham City, home to DC´s most popular super hero, Batman. Through a virtual ride and 270-degree entertainment, the vehicle delivers on a commitment the two companies made at the LA Auto Show in 2017 to explore the potential for next-generation entertainment in future autonomous vehicles. More: Intel at CES 2019 (All Intel News)

The interior of the Intel Warner Bros. autonomous vehicle, a retrofitted 2019 BMW X5, is equipped with advanced technology, a large-screen TV, projectors, mobile devices, sensory and haptic feedback, and immersive audio and lights to bring passengers on a virtual ride moderated by Batman´s trusted butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

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