Integration provides merchants with augmented demand management power

Shipping and inventory management app Ordoro has partnered with Inventory Planner to offer multichannel merchants a powerful, demand driven product purchasing tool.

Inventory Planner plugs into customers´ data sources and delivers automated replenishment suggestions to merchants based on product demand in their sales channels. The app forecasts a recommended number of units to replenish specific SKUs, identifies stagnant, promotion-worthy products, and reports on KPIs like profit, turnover, gross margin, and more.

App developers, like Inventory Planner, have been using Ordoro´s open API to create ecommerce integrations that solve specific business needs. Whether it´s a SaaS business wishing to make an ecommerce app, or a retailer´s developer building out a custom integration with a 3PL provider, the API helps expand the functionality of Ordoro.

The API acts as a doorway for developers to build a wide range of services that utilize Ordoro´s multichannel information. Each integration – whether it´s to a sales channel, a manufacturer, or a unique app – offers e-retailers another tool to grow or optimize their business. And Ordoro works in the background keeping each of their channels organized and in sync with each other.

Ordoro is an ecommerce software app tackling the unsexy but essential function of supply chain and order management. With an open API and integrations with all major marketplaces and shopping-cart platforms, Ordoro helps merchants streamline their shipping and inventory management across all their sales channels so they can focus on growing their business. Ordoro offers tools to monitor inventory levels, manage supplier relations, bundle products and reduce shipping costs.

Inventory Planner is an online service for ecommerce that focuses on inventory optimization and demand forecasting. Inventory Planner works out which products you need to buy in order to meet future demand, and which products you´re overstocked. It enables merchants to evaluate, before the season starts, critical inventory productivity metric like inventory turnover, and allocate budget effectively across suppliers.