Integration Partners launches engineering lab with Anderson University

Anderson University has opened the new Cyber Security Engineering Lab, the company said.

This laboratory will allow for state of the art learning opportunities for students in the School of Science & Engineering, especially in the information security, computer science, and computer engineering majors.

The Cyber Security Engineering Lab houses several high-capacity servers including a blade chassis. It also houses a set of enterprise access switches, edge switches, core switches, core routers, and wireless devices connected over a 40Gbps optical interconnect fabric.

The laboratory will allow students to gain real-life experience, as most large companies have a similar server room or data center. In the computer science and engineering courses, students can write code on their laptop or a lab computer, then they can connect through a high-speed network to the laboratory, and run their code on the servers, which have more than 20 physical cores and 256GiB of RAM, allowing complex code to be executed quickly. Faculty can also use it to work on their research or more computationally complex projects in upper level courses.

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