Intacct, Pacific Crest Securities to expand performance insights

Intacct said it has announced a new relationship with Pacific Crest Securities, technology specialists of KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc.

The two companies are joining forces to integrate benchmarking data from Pacific Crest´s annual Private SaaS company Survey into the Intacct Digital board Book for SaaS Metrics, a set of real-time reports, charts, and Intacct Performance Cards that provide accurate metrics and insights essential to successfully growing a SaaS business. This will allow mid-sized SaaS companies for the first time to see real-time comparisons of their performance relative to peers and pinpoint specific levers for improving their execution.

The inclusion of benchmark data from Pacific Crest´s annual survey of privately-held SaaS companies into Intacct´s Digital board Book for SaaS Metrics will automate the calculation of a company´s performance metrics according to standardized definitions and provide for instant comparisons of relative performance based on the freshest industry benchmarks. With real-time insights into performance relative to plan, as well as their peers, management teams can make the best-informed decisions to quickly adjust their operations.

Pacific Crest´s Private SaaS company survey is one of the leading reference materials on financial and operating benchmarks for the SaaS sector. Covering respondent data ranging from revenues, growth and cost structure, to SaaS operations, distribution strategies, customer acquisition costs, renewal rates and churn, the annual survey has become an invaluable benchmarking tool for the performance metrics of SaaS companies, helping to steer decisions for success among SaaS companies and their investors.

KeyBanc Capital Markets provides deep industry expertise and capital markets and advisory solutions to companies in targeted verticals which include Consumer & Retail, Healthcare, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Utilities, Power & Renewables, Diversified Industries, and Technology, through Pacific Crest Securities.

Pacific Crest Securities provides premier investment banking services to the technology sector, operating at the leading edge, where global connectivity is fueling an unprecedented expansion cycle.

Intacct is a leading provider of best-in-class cloud ERP software. It is headquartered in San Jose, California.