Insulet, Glooko partner for OmniPod patients, healthcare providers

Tubeless insulin pump technology provider Insulet Corporation (NASDAQ: PODD) has partnered with diabetes management mobile and web applications provider Glooko to provide US OmniPod patients and healthcare providers a new data management system called “Insulet Provided Glooko”.

This new system is available to patients who use the OmniPod System, as well as healthcare professionals who care for these patients.

With the Insulet Provided Glooko system, OmniPod patients are now able to view data from their OmniPod Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), Continual Glucose Monitoring (CGM), Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) and fitness tracker on mobile devices, Macs or PCs and proactively share their data with family members and healthcare providers. The platform delivers a leading data management and analytics solution alongside Insulet´s differentiated and unique tubeless OmniPod System.

This new system enables healthcare professionals to download patients´ data from multiple devices and review a robust set of print and online reports during patient visits, including access to detailed insights about their patients´ care plans. It also provides care teams with the ability to remotely monitor patients between visits and identify patients whose glucose levels are outside of a normal range or that are experiencing other clinical incidents.

Insulet is a medical device company. Through its OmniPod Insulin Management System, Insulet expands the use of insulin pump therapy among people with insulin-dependent diabetes.