INSTAR Wallet allows control of compensation for personal data, insights

Insights Network, an EOS blockchain-based data exchange, today launched its INSTAR Wallet mobile application which is now available on the Google Play Store, the company said.

Insights Network is creating an infrastructure enabling individuals to securely own, manage and monetize their data through a unique combination of blockchain technology, smart contracts and secure multiparty computation.

The launch of the INSTAR Wallet will allow users to subscribe to Insights´ partners´ blockchain projects and be rewarded with INSTAR tokens for their data. Over 100,000 potential users have signed up to use the app and 40,000 users have already passed their Know Your Customer (KYC) check, which means they´ll be ready to use the app as soon as it´s available.

Insights Network´s EOS blockchain-based data exchange is reinventing how brands interact with consumers. Individuals will now have control over their personal information and can choose to interact with brands securely, while being financially compensated. Founded in 2017, Insights Network is automating the data brokerage industry using blockchain technology, secure multiparty computation and smart contracts. For more information, visit