Inspur server to provide support to China mobile private cloud

Inspur has won a large share of the bid on the procurement project of the Smartrack rack scale customized server of China Mobile Private Cloud Resource Pool, for an estimated RMB100 million, the company said.

Inspur said hundreds of Smartrack rack scale servers will be applied in the International Information Port Data Center, newly constructed by China Mobile to provide high-efficiency, energy-saving, stable and reliable basic resource abilities to the China Mobile Private Cloud Resource Pool, as well as promote the cloud computing development of China Mobile.

The company said SmartRack is capable of facing vast data storage and processing, and is specially designed for cloud computing and big data.

The International Information Port Data Center of China Mobile is located in Beijing and currently experiences high real estate costs. SmartRack integrates both non-IT resources (heat dissipation, power supply and management functions) with IT resources (computing and storage), collecting electricity supply, heat dissipation and management and reducing power consumption by 20 percent.