Inspur Re-Elected as Member of SPEC OSSC and Chair of SPEC Machine Learning

The international evaluation agency Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) has finalized the election of new Open System Steering Committee (OSSC) executive members, which include Inspur, Intel, AMD, IBM, Oracle and three other companies, the company said.

Inspur, a re-elected OSSC member, was also re-elected as the chair of the SPEC Machine Learning (SPEC ML) working group. The development plan of ML test benchmark proposed by Inspur has been approved by members which aims to provide users with standard on evaluating machine learning computing performance.

SPEC is a global and authoritative third-party application performance testing organization established in 1988, which aims to establish and maintain a series of performance, function, and energy consumption benchmarks, and provides important reference standards for users to evaluate the performance and energy efficiency of computing systems. The organization consists of 138 well-known technology companies, universities and research institutions in the industry such as Intel, Oracle, NVIDIA, Apple, Microsoft, Inspur, Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, etc., and its test standard has become an important indicator for many users to evaluate overall computing performance.

The OSSC executive committee is the permanent body of the SPEC OSG (short for Open System Group, the earliest and largest committee established by SPEC) and is responsible for supervising and reviewing the daily work of major technical groups of OSG, major issues, additions and deletions of members, development direction of research and decision of testing standards, etc.

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